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We embed personality and character in every experience of a brand.
Making our clients category leaders and a unique presence in a templated world.

No Other Day®️

Brand Strategy / Verbal Identity / Visual Identity / Brand Management

No Other Day is an organization for climate action, crafting truly sustainable lifestyle products with focus on completely biodegradable footwear. Studio Subcult worked with No Other Day to build their brand identity, brand strategy and offer continued execution support across all consumer touchpoints. / community.nootherday

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Harvyora is an online lifestyle brand dedicated to delivering carefully crafted Adenium bonsais to the doorstep. Harvyora aims to drive the change towards a biophilic world through creation of microclimates within our living environments. Harvyora needed to reposition itself in the market, appeal to younger audiences and a wider demographic, and create a community of like minded plant parents around the brand.

We created a new brand identity system, brand personality framework and a brand strategy roadmap to effectively tackle the growth objectives, communicate better and retain consumers as a community around Harvyora.


We are a community of misfits, rebels, artists and dreamers, making sustainable and sensible products for some of a kind. We understand those who defy the norms, those who look at the world through a different perspective, few who can’t be boxed and labelled, the round pegs in square holes. You are the movers and shakers, the new breed of poets and thinkers, the aesthetic rebels and the new dawn of leaders, the Some, Of A Kind.


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Emmadi Jewellers is based out of Hyderabad, serving a diverse clientele with fine crafted, traditional silver jewelry. We developed a brand identity system and a brand personality framework to position Emmadi in the optimal market space. The frameworks of communication hinges on the brand ideology that aims to enrich the feminine grace with enduring beauty and timeless elegance.


Doner Club®️

With roots steeped in Oriental Cuisine, Doner club specializes in reviving authentic istanbul recipes and serving them to a new age audience. Doner club, stepping into a thriving food industry in kerala, aims for an organic growth, fuelled by a strong social media presence and a narrative retelling of their roots.

We developed a detailed brand identity and personality framework that communicates the essence and offerings of Doner Club. The consumer experience is sculpted at every touchpoint through design solutions that engage them and increase brand remembrance. Our brand development strategy is optimized to differentiate Doner Club in a highly competitive market and enable the brand to inspire loyalty from the consumers.


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